Jan 31, 2014

If you have ears I’d suggest you stream CYMBALS: The Age of Fracture on Pitchfork Advance. Album comes out Feb 4th and it is tighter than a midget nun…


Jan 22, 2014

Wow. Valerie June. Pushin’ Against a Stone, might just be that perfect song for me. Motown would be pleased; my guitar playing sensibilities have been satiated. I hate to admit this but I think Sade just got knocked off her thrown. Call me…


Jan 14, 2014

Jesus Christ monkey balls. I just fell in love with Angel Olsen in two minutes and fifty nine seconds. I’d say that’s a record but I spent two weeks walking around Brazil so we know that would be a lie… 


Jan 8, 2014

Get spanked by the thumping new Tomas Barfod single, Pulsing, with vocal support provided by regular collaborator Nina Kinert. It’s 9PM and I have work tomorrow, but this song really, really puts up a good argument for going out…


Jan 7, 2014

It is fucking cold outside and this song Seagull by Saturday Sun won’t help you warm up at all, but it might make this arctic NYC weather a tad less obnoxious. 


Jan 4, 2014

I can honestly say I have never heard remixes, or music in general, that sounds like the tunes Free n Losh are creating… 

Free download of this tune here.


Jan 3, 2014

Sweet, slow, sexy and smart. Wet’s debut EP was one of the best from 2013. Can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store…


Jan 2, 2014

Gardens & Villa have set a release date of February 4, 2014 for their new album and I really don’t think I can wait that long…


Dec 19, 2013

Newest solo release from Doves’ frontman Jimi Goodwin. Perfect tune for 3:35pm Thursday in the office. 


Dec 18, 2013

Rainer‘s Satin, has been on heavy rotation recently. I imagine these guys won’t stay small for very long. 


Dec 15, 2013

I haven’t sat and watched a music video all the way through for quite some time, but Clean Bandit's Dust Clears makes me incredibly happy that I did. 


Dec 13, 2013

Holy shit. I totally forgot that at the beginning of the year I was foaming at the mouth waiting for Outfit’s debut album, Performance, to come out. Well it came out in August so I guess I am a little late to the party. House on Fire is currently my favorite track off this near perfect album. 


Dec 12, 2013

After a long silence, FAMY are back with their new track A Ho A Hand and I couldn’t be happier…


Dec 6, 2013

Out of nowhere comes Leeds band Adult Jazz and their surprisingly sweet and schizophrenic debut single, Springful. Jumping effortlessly from one genre to the next, in a way that is gorgeous and unique, this song has me impatiently wanting more from these guys. 


Dec 1, 2013


Dornik’s second single, Rebound

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Nov 26, 2013

Tim Burton pop: macabre, experimental and atmospheric. If you’re a fan of The Beach Boys’ Friends album, check out Cold Crows Dead. 


Nov 25, 2013

Haven’t heard from CEO since 2011 so was pleasantly surprised to hear this new tune this morning. Considering the song’s title and subject matter, it is surprisingly upbeat and carefree. Now, I have no experiences with whorehouses, but before I hit play, I was picturing something much darker…


Nov 19, 2013

It’s crazy that I heard this 6 years ago. Like really fucking crazy because I felt this was a new turning point in music at the time. In 2008. I jumped on The Virgins train with some other passengers who will remain nameless and I was ready to ride this thing out like the Clash had come to town. I felt that the raw, gritty, low-fi production made the recordings perfect. I’m still not sure what went wrong. Anyway, I fucking miss you, Virgins…


Nov 18, 2013


Nov 6, 2013

The debut single from Boxed In will be released on limited edition 7" vinyl and download on 25th November on the Moshi Moshi Singles Club. Get it. 

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